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Our flexible method of connecting like minds is why you would enjoy our platform. Ranging from identifying who you really are, what you want from a sugar, how you want it, where you want it, and so on.

Our incredible team of expert keeps you informed as to what is acceptable from your sugar babies and sugar daddies all year round.


Our user base is defined in such a way that it gives room for swift and interesting conversations between intending partners. This is quite important because it helps the users involved to understand themselves before moving to the romantic phase.

Without mincing words, www.canadasugardaddy.ca is indeed a well designed avenue for the realisation of your romantic and possibly erotic discussion. You can't possibly ask for more.

Relationship goals

Living a quiet life, glamorous lifestyle, traveling around the world, spending quality time with a gorgeous sugar baby or just wanting to explore the romantic culture of Canada - we are with you all the way.

Relationship goals differs, so those our collection of possible reasons for opting in. Linking you up with the right person(s) who share the same relationship insights and goals as your is a way to fulfill your desire and get you kinky.


Your basic information are always and will always be kept private. We understand and act with laid down privacy principle. This is so vital to building a strong bond of trust and continuous understanding between canadasugardaddy and its distinguished users.

Registration is a no brainer process - so it's quite easy to join us and fulfill your relationship goals. We are looking forward to your registration. Be ready to mingle with other users who are ready to take your relationship to the next level as a sugar daddy or a sugar baby!